REMAX WLDC Tempo Re-Cap Part I

The World LDC was 3 weeks ago and pretty amazing to see Tim Burke carry a golf ball 410 yards!  His tempo?  24/8.

2 Time World Champion Jamie Sadlowski swings faster (tempo-wise) at 19.5/6.5.  I can use the decimals as I have some great pictures to show you, thanks to 300 fps video and the Tour Tempo Frame Counter.  It’s pretty amazing how perfect Jamie fits the 3:1 ratio model as well as my 1:1 model.

So, his backswing is 195 frames (shot at 300 fps), downswing is 65, and his follow thru is also 195.  No wonder this guy is amazing!

Shameless Plug: the Tour Tempo Frame Counter App is just $1.99 and it’s the only app out there (that I know of) that allows you to bring in a big video and advance it frame by frame.  With the new 120 fps slomo feature on iphone 5S, the TTFC is a must have to look at that video on your 5s.

More to come on the LDers and how you can add some distance to your drives this winter!

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