REMAX WLDC Tempo’s: they’re FAST….also a blast from the past

Got some great stuff for you to start the new year:

REMAX World Long Drive: The Long drivers swing FAST and I don’t just mean clubhead speed. The last 3 World champions are all faster than 21/7.
2011 Champion Carl Wolter – 20/7 (hit it over 450 to win)
2010 Champ Joe ‘the total package’ Miller – 18/6 (massive CHS over 150 and ball speeds over 220)
2008/09 Champ Jamie Sadlowski – 19/6 (pound for pound the longest hitter ever)

What makes these tempo’s even faster is that these guys are going way past parallel. do the math, that’s more distance in less time: super quick.

Sometimes faster tempo’s create faster clubhead speeds. the ‘take home’ here is that if you’re swinging 30/10 or even 27/9 and you can get down to 24/8 or 21/7, you WILL increase your CHS!

Blast from the past:

I was watching some Golf Channel highlights and saw Tiger Woods from the 2000 British Open and 2008 U.S. Open.

In the 3rd round, on a par 5 at St. Andrews, TW hit a ‘perfect’ (his words)…his tempo: 24/8. Every swing I timed during the show was 24/8. It was so interesting to see him with a smooth transition and no head movement.

Fast fwd to 2008 at Torrey Pines, again smooth transition at the top and no head movement….his tempo: 21/7. I caught a stretch where Johnny MIller said he hit 5 perfect shots in a row. They were all 21/7. I was especially impressed with a long iron he hit on a par 3 and a driver into the wind that he hit dead straight.

The story of 2012 will be: Can Tiger recapture his tempo (3:1 and very CONSISTENT) ? also, can he recapture that smoother transition (less head bobbing)? TW can win with any swing, but if he can get his old tempo and transition back, he can truly get back to his dominating ways. If not, if he inconsistent with a quick transition, it will be difficult for him to win and esp. difficult to win majors.

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