Rory and the Back Breakers

We’re going to get into the ‘Back Breakers’ and how to avoid them, but first we Start the blog today with a quote from Rory:

“Obviously I’m trying to be strong, but the whole reason I started this is because I was injured. The golf swing is way worse for your back than anything I do in the gym. So I’m trying to make my back as strong as I possibly can so that when I come out here and swing a golf club I’m robust enough to take that.” —Rory McIlroy

Rory is mostly correct in this statement and I love that he is doing this to prevent injury. Here is the statement that needs a little editing:

‘The golf swing is way worse for your back than anything I do in the gym’

That’s not entirely true. If you do a few Back Breakers in a row, that would be WAY WORSE than hitting a bucket of balls and playing 18 holes. (I’ve seen some of the Nike commercials with Rory working out and he’s mixing in a few back breakers.)
Dr. Jones and I really like to see the average person stay away from Back Breakers, because they do damage to the internal structures of your back and if you get a disc to protrude/herniate/bulge, you are going to be in serious pain. However, since Rory is correct in that the golf swing is BAD for your back, it is IMPERATIVE that golfers NEVER do BACK BREAKERS.

The cumulative effect of playing/practicing golf AND doing Back Breakers destroys your back and could lead to serious damage.

Hopefully, you’re still with me, because we are about to totally change the way you look at exercise in the gym, especially for the core.

Here is the definition of an exercise that is a Back Breaker:
  1. Puts the spine under a compressive load
  2. Flexes the lumbar spine
  3. Rotates the lumbar spine
  4. Excessive Shear force on the lumbar spine
The easiest 2 to spot are Flexion and Rotation. If you just stay away from these, it will make a big difference for you!
So, you just got the bad news: Please stop doing these exercises.
Here is the good news: We have alternative exercises WON’T break your back. They’ll do what Rory wants them to do. They’ll protect your back and allow you to play pain free and even improve performance!
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