Secrets of Speed

Secrets of Speed – aka you can swing faster and hit the ball farther, you’re just doing it wrong

I just had my mine blown by a podcast from Tim Ferriss, he interviewed the ‘Savant of Speed’, Ryan Holiday: mt=2

Ryan is a performance specialist for Nike and works with Olympians, NFL players, and any elite athlete looking to gain speed.

If you have the 90 minutes, this is a must listen…. if you want me to boil this down to principles and how they relate to you hitting the ball farther, then read on.

There are many great principles outlined by Ryan, but 4 of them really hit me as game changers for training/speed/increasing your clubhead speed:

1. Speed is coachable/learnable
2. Bang for the Buck
3. Simplicity
4. Common sense to training

I’m going to break down these 4 principles for both training in the gym and also for hitting the golf ball farther!

Speed is Coachable

Ryan’s first point is totally consistent with everything I’ve seen in my 48 years on the planet. No one is born fast or slow. You can be coached, you can learn to be fast. You just have to have the right training and you need to work smart and hard. Ok, yes, Usain Bolt has some gifts, but Ryan can take any athlete and make them faster.

This is so true for golfers. When students come into our golf schools and they get introduced to our training principles/tools, they all increase speed. Some of the increases are absolutely amazing, some are just ok, but everybody increases. We can coach speed.

Bang for the Buck

Ryan was able to boil his training regimen into 1 exercise that made a huge difference for his sprinters. He found the exercise that had the most BANG for the BUCK. Think about this for a minute, this is the classic 80/20 rule, you want to do the drills and exercises that get you 80%+ of your results.

The parallel to golf on this one is so similar, we have a few drills and devices that get all of our speed results. If you do those drills/tools, you don’t have to do anything else. This is really important for anyone who has a busy schedule (read everybody) …but it’s also important for retirees because I see them spend a lot of ENERGY on exercises drills that don’t provide results and no matter who you are, you have a limited amount of ENERGY and you want to spend that ENERGY in the most efficient way possible.

In part II of this article, I will break down the next 2 principles and then in part III, I will post the drills/exercises that fit this model for speed!

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