Tempo Report – Euro/Disney

Euro Tour

Louis Oosthuizen is normally around 24/8 but when he really wants to unleash a drive he sped up to 22/7.5. That’s what he did on 18 in regulation.

Mateo Mannasero is 21/7.

Obviously Mateo’s swing is a bit quicker, but it’s also a shorter swing. Both are 3 to 1 (backswing to downswing). and also, fairly quick as they both get back to impact in about a second.

PGA Tour

Charlie Beljan is 24/8, so good 3:1 ratio and pretty consistent. He’s a bigger guy with a few more moving parts so his swing doesn’t look as pretty as Louie’s swing, but it gets the job done and he hits a long way.

As a reminder, the keys to better tempo:

3:1 ratio of backswing to downswing on full shots
Takeaway to impact should be 1.2 seconds or less (ideally around 1 second)
you have to be consistent on every swing.

Tour Tempo helps you achieve all 3!

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