Tempo Report from Accenture World Match Play….What was Dubuisson’s Shot?

Tempo report from the Accenture World Match Play:

Jason Day – 22/7
Victor Dubuisson – 20-7
Ernie Els – 24/9
Rickie Fowler – 22/7
They all lined up with the 3:1 ratio of Tour Tempo, that’s 3 parts backswing to 1 part downswing.  The ‘old man’ Ernie Els was the only one who took more than 1 second of total elapsed time from takeaway to impact.  The others were all less than 1 second!
What about the crazy shots from Victor Dubuisson?  Any guess on tempo?  He was right on the 2:1 ratio for the short game!
his tempo on the first extra hole literally out of the cactus was 19/10.  on the 2nd hole out of the cactus, he was 20/10.
That’s Tour Tempo for the short game: 2 parts backswing to 1 part downswing.
To find out how these tempo’s can help your game, go to www.tourtempo.com and check out the Tour Tempo apps and also new for 2014 the Tour Tempo Micro Player.  The Micro Player fits on your ear and literally pumps the tempo right into your brain!  It’s easy to try and use and the results are instant and dramatic.

2 thoughts on “Tempo Report from Accenture World Match Play….What was Dubuisson’s Shot?

  1. leo silvis says:

    High John, my name is Leo Silvis from the Netherlands. I got interested in Tour Tempo and think about purchasing either the TG App or the Micro Player. Is their any reason why I should buy the Player in stead of downloading the App?
    Kind regards, Leo Silvis

    • John Novosel Jr. says:

      Hi Leo, thanks for your question. Here are some benefits of having the Micro Player…

      -No one else can hear it on the range/course (don’t bother anyone).
      -There are no cords and the unit fits right on your ear. You would need headphones with your phone or a bluetooth device.
      -Keep it in your bag and you always have it.
      -The unit will last up to 8 hrs on one charge so you don’t have to worry about running down your phone battery.

      I hope that helps and good luck with your golf game.

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