Tempo Theme of the year on Tour

As 2011 draws to an end, I’ve seen a trend among the top players in what gets them in trouble. What do Luke Donald, Lee Westwood and Tiger Woods all have in common? When they get too slow on the backswing (24 or more frames) and too fast on the downswing (6 frames), bad things happen. When they get closer to Tour Tempo, 3:1, more in the 22-24 frame backswing and 7-8 downswing, good things happen….as in Lee Westwood shooting 60…as in TW finally winning (although Tempo is not perfect yet)….as in Luke Donald is the #1 player in the world.

Ironically, most amateurs suffer this same Tempo fault. They’re swinging ‘low and slow’ and then by the time they get to the top, they think ‘uh oh, I need some power’, so they totally go after it and there is a disconnect in their back/downswings.

Moral of the story: slow then fast is not Tour Tempo. Use the tones, so you’re on Tempo for 2012!

My Rx for your winter workout program is coming soon!

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