Tempo’s from Boston. The Swede is Super FAST!

Congrats to Henrik Stenson!  The Swede is super fast in his full swing tempo at 18/6.   A great way to describe this tempo is ‘COMMITTED’.  When you are 18/6 you swing freely and don’t hold back.

Other 3:1 Tour Tempo swingers:
Steve Stricker – 23/8
Graeme Delaet – 21/7
Jordan Spieth – 24/9
One of the beauties of Tour Tempo is that you don’t have to be perfect.  23/8 is just as good as 24/8.  As long as the ratio is near 3:1 (3 parts backswing to 1 part downswing). That is for full swings….
The short game tempo is 2:1 and a perfect example of that was Henrik’s hole out on 17 from the bunker.  HIs tempo on that shot was 19/9 which is basically 2:1.  You use a 2:1 tempo for pitching, chipping, bunkers and putting.
PGA Tour pro’s are all consistent in their tempo and you can be too with practice.  The question becomes how do I practice tempo?
The answer is with Tour Tempo Apps for the iphone or Android.  They give you audio tones so you can synchronize your tempo to the tempo of the tour pro’s.
And when you do the results will follow.  Check them out in iTunes and the Android Marketplace.
Fore more info, go to www.tourtempo.com

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