Tempo’s from Last week

Aussie Open – Amazing tempo for an amazing win – Peter Senior is 18/6!  One of the fastest swings on any tour and he’s 53 years old!!

Shark Shootout – Sean O-Hair has a great swing and good tempo to match, he’s about 22/8.  His partner’s swing is not as pretty and has unique tempo as well.  With the ‘hitch’ Kenny Perry is 31/8…but if you take the hitch out, he’s around 25/8!

Charl Schwartzel won some event in Asia, anyway, he’s got a nice Tour Tempo at 21/8.  

The key to Tour Tempo is the 3:1 ratio of backswing to downswing.  The cool thing about Tour Tempo is that you don’t have to be perfect.  So, 21/8 is just as good as 22/8 which is just as good as 21/7.  If you’re within a frame or 2 you’re fine.  However, if you have Kenny Perry’s tempo but you don’t have a hitch and you don’t hit 300 yds., then you need to get that to 24/8.  (the #’s we use are frames per second, there are 30 when you use standard video, so if something takes 20 frames, we call that 20 and it took .66 seconds.)  The other cool thing about Tour Tempo is that you can diagnose this yourself either by looking at video on your computer, OR if you get our Tour Tempo frame counter App for a few bucks, you can easily see what it is….

and from there you can try the Tour Tempo tones to either groove your good tempo OR change your tempo if you need to change it.

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