Tempo’s from the Honda Classic

3 of the 4 players in the playoff had the same tempo!  Can you guess who was the slow one?

The 3 that are the same: Rory McIlroy, Russell Henley and Russell Knox were all very quick at 20/7.

Ryan Palmer was ‘slow’ by tour standards at 25/8. But, if you compare that to your avg golfer, it’s probably much faster.

The pro’s have a consistent 3:1 ratio of backswing to downswing and they do it quickly….

That’s the problem with tempo, the tour pro’s make it look so smooth……. but what does smooth mean?  what does 3:1 mean?  what does quick mean?

Tour Tempo gives you the answer!  The way to better tempo and better scores is thru the proprietary tones of Tour Tempo.  With the new Tour Tempo Micro Player, you can listen and swing to the tones of Tour Tempo and literally hear your way to better tempo.  When you match your swing to the rhythm of the tour pro’s, the results are immediate and dramatic.

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