Tempo’s from the U.S. Open at Merion 2013

Tempo’s looked great in the 4 contenders:

Phil’s holeout for eagle on 10 was 20/7, meaning 20 frames back and 7 thru.  He hit his 64 degree and it was a fuller swing so it fits the 3:1 ratio of Tour Tempo for the long game.
On his driver, he was 21/8, so again great tempo.  His flip wedge that he had to hole on 18 was 15/8, which fits the 2:1 tempo ratio for the short game.  The one shot that was ‘different’ was his wedge into 15, where he hit a bad shot.  The tempo was 18/8.  So it didn’t really fit the 3:1 or the 2:1.  He might’ve been in between clubs/swings and that really cost him.
Justin Rose had great tempo with most iron swings around 23/8 and drivers swings at 25/8.  One of the long putts he made was 18/10, so he fits for the 2:1 for putting.
Hunter Mahan, was 24/9 and Jason Day was 21/7.
I think it’s interesting when you look at these tempos that the lower the tempo #, the longer hitter the player.  Jason and Phil are the longest.  Then Justin and then finally Hunter Mahan.  That’s not set in stone, but as a general rule, the slower the swing the slower the clubhead speed!  Most avg. golfers have tempos around 30/10 (or more) and that’s one of the reasons they don’t hit it as far as they can.
To find out more, check out the Tour Tempo apps in iTunes or the Android Marketplace, and also look for the book in your local bookstores. or get more info at www.tourtempo.com

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  1. golf_dad says:

    As a parent of a daughter who plays and who daily performs the Tour Tempo workouts, I would like to suggest that you conduct a similar analysis during this weeks U.S. Women’s Open and then post the results like you did for the Men’s Open.

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