Tempo’s from the Wyndham including Reed’s winning shot

The 3 guys at the top all had very similar tempo.

Winner Patrick Reed is 25/8. (his winning shot from the tree was 24/8)
Jordan Spieth is 24/9, and John Huh is also 24/9.
So Reed’s downswing is slightly faster tempo wise.
Most golfers watching probably think that these 3 golfers have a ‘slow, smooth’ tempo.  Compared to Zach Johnson at 18/6, they did look slow & smooth.
But in reality, when you compare a 25/8 to a typical amateur’s swing, you’ll discover that the avg. golfer is swinging much slower, like a 30/10 or more….and that when the 30/10 swinger starts swinging faster, to say 24/8, they will:
• hit the ball further
• think less
• have more accuracy
and the cool part is that you don’t have to ‘change’ your swing.  You just need to pick up the pace!
To learn how to do that, check out the Tour Tempo apps in the iTunes store and Android marketplace.  You can literally hear the different tempo’s and when you sync your swing to Tour Tempo, great things will happen.  For more info, check out www.tourtempo.com

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