The 1:1 Ratio and Tiger

TW is looking incredible heading into the Masters, however, he is having issues on his drivers and my 1:1 ratio really shows why.

Check out the following swing sequences and their tempo’s.  On the driver (he hit it way right), his tempo is 20/7, but he can’t maintain his tempo thru the swing and his follow thru or Tf is 28.  So his 1:1 is 20/28, which is not even close to where is on his swings with the driver or irons.

Now compare that with his swing on this 3 wood which he hit right down the middle.  His tempo is 21/7, and Tf is 22.  His 1:1 is 21:22, which is basically perfect.  All of his irons and fairway woods are right on and the results are beautiful.

So, I predict a monster year out of Tiger if he can do the following get the 1:1 with his driver, because he can really destroy a field when he hitting his driver well.  More to come on the 1:1……

More to come oIMG_0990n the 1:1…….IMG_0991IMG_0989IMG_1003IMG_1002IMG_1001

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