The (Tempo) Theory of Relativity

The (Tempo) Theory of Relativity
How you can use my new Theory to hit the ball Farther!

With all due respect to Albert Einstein, I’m going to give you my interpretation of the Theory of Relativity and how you can use it to increase your clubhead speed using tempo.

Any measured phenomenon has no real meaning by itself. It only as meaning RELATIVE to a starting point or a specific barometer. It’s the relationship that gives it meaning.

A perfect example would be a speed of 150 mph.

Is that fast, slow, or medium?

For a car on a highway, that would be very fast (relative to a 70 mph speed limit)
For an avg golfer, it might be a medium ball speed.
For a land speed car, it would be very slow.

Tempo in the golf swing is exactly the same.

21/7 might be very fast for an avg golfer, but feel slow to Henrik Stenson. Everything is related and relative.

Ok, with our tempo theory of relativity as a baseline, I want to let you in on a little secret. I just happened to figure out this technique while warming up for a long drive event many years ago.

I was using 21/7 and it felt very normal, very easy. When I went to 18/6, it felt good and fast and I felt an increase in club speed, however, I just couldn’t keep up. So the thought occurred to me that if I got used to 24/8, then when I switched to 21/7 it would feel fast.

I then proceeded to hit about 8-10 shots (with practice swings in between) using 24/8. By then end of that session, 24/8 felt normal. Then, I switched to 21/7 and low and behold, it FELT FAST. It was if I had switched to 18/6 mentally, but this time, I was able to keep up with the tempo. I did a quick check of my chs and it picked up 3-5 mph!

Next time you go to the range, try my tempo switching technique:

get warmed up
hit a few balls with your normal tempo
then increase the time of the tempo (go from 21/7 to 24/8, etc…)
hit more balls and get used to the slower tempo
go back to your original tempo and see what that does to your brain/body/chs

It should ‘wake you up’ and get you re-energized with your original tempo.

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