The Truth about Training Aids

Link: The Truth about Training Aids

Kelvin is really on to something here because most training aids do the work for you.  Another great example is a heavy or weighted club.  When you swing one the momentum you create thru the hitting area shuts your muscles off and they’re holding on for dear life.

Contrast that with the speedball power module!  When you hit the Power Module if you don’t create more speed and acceleration you’ll be stopped dead in your tracks.  The moral of the story is that you want to use a training aid that when you take the aid away, you’ll be faster/stronger/training your muscles for the correct move.  One more great example:

The NEW Tour Tempo Stix club makes you rotate the face on the backswing.  If you don’t rotate, it will hinge.  This is the power move of the best players in the world including Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim.  Contrast this with that club that has a gyroscope in it.  The gyroscope does the rotation for you.  I’ve swung it and it feels good and gets you to rotate.  The problem is that the device does it for you and it needs to be the other way around!

You need to be the creator of the motion.  This is what will retrain your motor pattern, your strength, and the timing of your speed and power.

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