Tiger’s Tempo at Bay Hill and How he can win the Masters if he does one thing

Tiger is looking perfect at 21/7.  His range is 21-22 frames backswing and 7-8 frames down.

So, he’s got:

the 3:1 ratio

he’s consistent

and his swing from takeaway to impact is less than 1 second.

We call that Tour Tempo.  (ickie Fowler is even quicker at 19/6.5, still 3:1 and very fast.)

So with all this and 3 wins, you’d expect Tiger to be a lock for the Masters??  He is, except for one thing: his driver.  I recently outlined a new discovery that I called the 1:1 ratio and Tiger is having trouble on his driver creating the 1:1.  And since he’s basically eliminated the left side of the course, his misses with his driver are flares out to the right.
You need to be able to hit draws at Augusta, so Tiger needs to get this figured out and if he does, I predict a 6 shot victory.  If not, it’s anyone’s Masters.  The other option for him is to use his 3 wood and then his victory will probably only be 2 shots.
Oh and one more thing, Tiger’s putting tempo is looking wonderful right now at 14/8 which is 2:1.
If you check out our apps in iTunes Store or Android Marketplace, you can literally ‘hear’ the difference between the 3:1 ratio for the full swing and the 2:1 ratio for the short game.  And with 4 options in each ratio, you can find the right tempo for you.
for more info, you can also check out www.tourtempo.com

One thought on “Tiger’s Tempo at Bay Hill and How he can win the Masters if he does one thing

  1. bw007 says:

    I bought the app yesterday morning and used it yesterday night on the practice range. I hit 220 balls…I loved it ! Your app is really great. Amazing. Thank you !
    One question: I have a slight tendency to overswing (driver, 3 wodd and hybrid not the irons) but I am still in the tempo (21/7).
    I was pretty straight yesterday with solid ball contact and at least really better than without working with the app.
    Is it still an issue to overswing a bit ?

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