Tiger’s Tempo is Back!

Tiger is looking great with tempo’s around 21-22 frames going back and 7 frames going down. Let’s see if he can maintain his Tour Tempo when the pressure is on as the major season approaches.

The other good news for Tiger is that he’s playing by ‘feel’. The rumor on the street is that he’s not thinking during his swing and he’s playing golf, whereas before he was playing ‘golf swing’. When Tiger can play with his subconscious and just let loose, he will be hard to beat.

There were some other rumors that his clubhead speed was a record high 129 mph. That number is 100% incorrect. Tiger’s swing speed this year has been around the 119-124 range and his ball speeds in the low 180’s. This makes perfect sense as a tour pro will have a 1.47 smash factor (or higher). On the drive that Tiger supposedly had a 129 mph club swing, the ball flew around 290ish and rolled a good 20-30 yards. If we do a little math, a 129 chs would produce at least a 190 bs and that would produce a shot that would carry in the 330 range… so, something doesn’t add up… but if his speed was around that 120 mark, and the ball speed around the 180 mark, and a carry around 300ish… My point is not that he’s not fast, he is! (especially for a 42 year old with a fused spine)

The point here is that he’s got plenty of speed to compete and he has his Tour Tempo back… mix in ‘playing with feel’ and lookout for TW in 2018!

One thought on “Tiger’s Tempo is Back!

  1. jshanleypt says:

    The Tour Tempo app is a perfect compliment to Gio Valiante’s “Golf Flow” book which de-emphasizes swing thoughts in favor of choosing a target, staying in tempo, and taking a fearless swing. Works for me!

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