Top 3 Golf Swing Tempo Myths

Myth # 1: ’Low and Slow’

The main problem with ‘Low and Slow’ is: What does SLOW mean? SLOW is a relative term. What’s SLOW to a tour pro might be fast to you. Solution: use concepts that are definable and tangible…. you guessed it, the Tones of Tour Tempo are exactly that.

By the way, even the idea of ‘Low’ is getting tested as the following players literally lift the club way up off the ball:

Dustin Johnson
Phil Mickelson
Matt Kuchar

Myth # 2: ‘Swing to your Personality’

This one seems so right, but it’s oh so wrong. The idea is that if you walk slow and talk slow, then you should swing slow. Bernhard Langer (arguably the greatest senior player ever) talks slow and plays even slower…his tempo? a super fast 21/7…and he’s like 90 years old. Ok, I think he’s 60 but you get the point. Rickie Fowler is a super laid back dude, his tempo: also very fast at 21/7. Rory Sabattini is a super fast player, his tempo? not so much, it’s 27/9. The reality is that there is no correlation between personality and tempo.

Think how ludicrous it would be to apply this principle to other sports. Can you imagine Andy Reid (I’m a KC Chiefs fan) telling his running back, “hey you’re a laid back guy, go ahead and run slow” because that matches your personality. Or we could tell Roger Federer, you’re a nice guy, so you should be nice on the court?? WTH??

Here’s a better idea, forget your personality, use the Tones of Tour Tempo and start swinging like the greatest players of all time.

Myth # 3: Pause at the Top

Many problems with this one: you lose SSC (stretch/shorten cycle), the physics of it will cost you power, you’ll start looking like Charles Barkley, the list goes on.

How about this thought? Let’s look at the GREATEST Legends/Ball Strikers of all time:

Jack Nicklaus
Tiger Woods
Ben Hogan
Sam Snead
Moe Norman

And I’m going to throw in Jamie Sadlowski because he’s pound for pound the longest hitter to ever live and without being a tourney golfer he make 3 cuts on the tour during his Long Drive days.

Do you want to know the common denominators of these Legends:

  • 3:1 ratio
  • Fast swings
  • NOT low and slow
  • No Pause
  • If anything, they’re ‘quick’ in the transition
  • What do their personalities have to do with anything?

These common denominators can be summed up in 3 easy sounds:

Tones of Tour Tempo!

CTA: If you have the tones, keep practicing to them. If you don’t, get the app or the Tour Tempo MP and start swinging with the rhythm of the greatest players of past and present!

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5 thoughts on “Top 3 Golf Swing Tempo Myths

  1. Ken Joersz says:

    Thank you for the myth busting. I spend a great deal of my time, as a PGA Professional, dispelling these myths. Sadly, many of my colleagues still repeat them. I’ll pass this blog on.

    Thank you for all you do.

  2. BRADFORD BOYD says:

    I’ve been working on my game for over 30 years in a left brained analytical manner. My handicap has been creeping up from 9 to 15
    Fellow players and teaching pros have long complimented and encouraged my slow takeaway and pause at the top.
    Now at age 68 my balance and hand eye coordination have rendered that swing very inconsistent. It too often becomes a wind up, pause and lunge. I watched Charles Barkley play once. His pro must have told him the same thing.
    Only one week into the program I feel I’ve found a solution for more consistency.
    I like having a simple solution. A mantra to clear my brain.
    Wish I had found it when it came out in 2004.
    Good work! Thanks

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