The Tour Tempo Model – Henrik Stenson

Big Congrats to the Big Swede for winning THE OPEN in style! Henrik Stenson is the Tour Tempo Model: His full swings are 18/6 and putting is 16/8. Do some math and you can see that he is back to impact before 99% of avg golfers get to the TOP of their swings. Also, he fits the 1:1 ratio as his follow thru is about 18-19 frames as well.

The question you should be asking yourself: is it a coincidence that his full swing is 18/6 and putting is 16/8? in other words, he has the SAME elapsed time from takeaway to impact for full swings and putting….My answer is NO. It is not a coincidence. It makes it easy for his brain to be more consistent and he just has to feel/comprehend the 24 frames.

There’s a lot to love about Stenson’s swing and game, and I’m going to cover it in a future blog, one of my favorite thing is his ‘PRE-set trigger’ move. Look for a video from me on that very soon, as I think most amateurs really lack a pre-shot routine and trigger move.


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