Tour Tempo Report from ANA/Houston Open

Congrats to Lydio Ko for winning the 1st major of the year, the ANA Inspiration.

Her tempo is spot on at 27/9 on full swings.

Also, Congrats to Jim Herman for his first PGA tour win. He has fairly unique tempo in that he does around 21 frames going back and then 7-8 frames down on the driver. On the irons, he still does 21 going back, but does 8-10 frames coming down. What’s the lesson for you? Let it rip with the driver BUT don’t try to kill your irons. He almost goes 2:1 on the irons and I think that’s a good idea for a lot of golfers.

Henrik Stenson is one of my favorite golfers to watch, he has perfect tempo at 19.5/6.5 (yes, for Henrik, I break it down to half frames!). He is so consistent with every full swing on his tempo and I love the speed with which he plays. He also has a great trigger move that we could all model.


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