Tour Tempo Report from The Masters

Congrats to Danny Willett and his (perfect) Tour Tempo Golf Swing!

Danny Willett has perfect Tour Tempo on Full swings @ 21/7. Also, love his balance and how simple his move is. It’s always interesting to see how every great player (except Adam Scott) has a ‘funny’ move in their swing. For Willett, it’s his takeaway. He has a very handsy/armsy takeaway and a very early set. (He would probably love the Power Whip)

Let me say how tough that was to watch Jordan Spieth’s collapse and I was really rooting for him. His tempo is a little off and I would’ve written that regardless if he would’ve won. He’s been off all year (compared to last year)… last year he was around 21/22 back and 8-9 down on full swings. Now I’m seeing him at 20-21 back and 9-10 down. I know that’s minor, but it’s about a 10-15% difference and it’s obvisouly making a difference as his ball striking this year has been terrible(compared to last year).

Side Note: FYI – ESPN produces/shoots in 60 frames per second, not 30. So, if you count frames, make sure to cut that # in half and you’ll have the right tempo. CBS is done in 30 fps, so normal tempo rules apply.

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