Tour Tempo Report

WGC @ Doral

Adam Scott making ‘beautiful swings’ at 22-24 frames back and 8 frames down. And then the final putt that he made on 18 was perfect Tour Tempo Short Game – 16/8.

Rory’s Tempo is slightly off. Rory used to be a perfect 21/7 or sometimes 22/7. I’m now getting him at 21/8 or even 20/9. Normally I’d say there’s nothing wrong with that, but when you hit the ball perfect at 21/7 and then not so perfect at 20/8, then that 1 frame needs some investigation. What I see in his swing is that he is ‘dawdling’ at the top, actually after the top. He’s not casting, but he’s not getting the club back to the ball either. He has a touch of body/head movement when he does this and it’s just enough to throw him off.

Valspar @ Copperhead

Charl Schwartzel probably has the best swing in golf when you think in terms of power/speed/tempo. He has a near perfect 20/7 tempo on full swings and hits the ball a mile for his size. Great to see the former Masters Champion back on form as Augusta is right around the corner.

Was also sorry to see that Bill Haas lost the Valspar as I got a chance to meet his dad, Jay, when we filmed for the Golf Channel – Great guys !

For those of you that need a refresher: Tour Tempo is that magical 3:1 ratio of backswing to downswing. We measure in fps, aka Frames Per Second. There are 30 fps, so for example, Charles is 20/7, for a total of 27 frames which is .9 second. That means from takeaway to impact he takes less than a second!!

If you want to see/hear what that feels like and how it can transform your game, try out the Tour Tempo Total Game App.

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