Tour Tempo Total Game App – Japanese Version Now Available

Tour Tempo Total Game is now available in Japanese:


More app announcements coming soon…..

4 thoughts on “Tour Tempo Total Game App – Japanese Version Now Available

  1. John Novosel Jr. says:

    Good Question. He actually has great tempo (minus the pause), so he’s really tough to diagnose. I haven’t done him recently, but typically its around 33/10. Pause definitely throws it off.

    • Casey Turnbaugh says:

      So where does 33/10 fall in the line up of tempos

      There is 21/7 there is 24/8 there is 27/9

      Would 33/10 fall after the 27/9 ?

      So in other words quite a bit slower then 21/7?

  2. John Novosel Jr. says:

    That is correct, 33/10 is very slow for a PGA Tour player. After 27/9 would be 30/10 and then 33/11. If you do the math, 21+7=28, so Rory McIlroy is at impact before Hideki gets up to the top.

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