Training Tempo (Me and DJ with a little Peter Drucker)

The good news is that you can train and improve your tempo. You’re not stuck with slow (crappy) tempo.

Training Tempo is just like training anything else in life. You need to have the right system to do it and you need to put in your hours. I just happen to have the right system, it’s called Tour Tempo, and amazingly you can put in minutes and improve… but, to make the changes long-lasting you need to put those minutes in daily (or at least weekly).

There is one more final piece to the Tempo puzzle and that is measuring your tempo. You have to track your training. I love this quote from Peter Drucker:

“What gets measured gets improved.”

Video of me training to the 21/7 tones (using the Total Game App via Apple Watch)


Video comparing Me and DJ.


Pretty cool, huh?!? (btw I created this video in the Tour Tempo Frame Counter App) How do I know I am on the right Tempo track? I’M MEASURING IT… then I can compare it to DJ and voila, I’m looking good. So, get the TTFC App and Measure your Tour Tempo!


It’s a proven fact that matching your tempo to that of the PGA Tour Pros with the internationally acclaimed Tour Tempo Tones is a way to instantly improve your golf swing. The first thing you need to do is find the current tempo ratio of your swing. The Tour Tempo Frame Counter App is the easiest and quickest way to do that, because it allows you to view and count sport action video, specifically the golf swing, by advancing the video one frame at a time. Once you have the tempo ratio of your swing, you then can compare it to the tempo ratio of your favorite PGA Tour Pro.

Learn more about TOUR TEMPO Apps…


John Novosel Jr.

John Novosel, Jr. has worked and consulted with golfers of all abilities – including PGA & LPGA Tour Players, Nationwide Tour Players, and also top amateurs through beginners.

His teaching puts an emphasis on the golfer achieving a consistent, PGA Tour-type tempo and maximizing clubhead speed at impact.

He has worked with his father to develop the concepts of Tour Tempo and also has co-patented 4 training aids with his father.

At age 48 and despite being 6 feet tall and 165 lbs., he can generate clubhead speeds in excess of 127 mph and ball speeds over 190 mph. His longest drive in competition is 402 yards.

He has presented the concepts of Tour Tempo all over the world. In 2008 he presented to the PGA of Sweden. Later that year he presented @ the World Golf Fitness Summit. In 2011, he made the trip to Amsterdam where he was part of the PGA of Holland’s coaching summit. He most recently made the trip to Orlando, FL to present at the 2013 PGA of America Teaching & Coaching Summit.

He is certified with the Titleist Performance Institute as a Golf Fitness Instructor I, Golf Professional 2, and Golf Biomechanist 2. Also, he is certified with SSC Golf Swing as Level 1 Speed and Power Instructor and Level 2 Spine Engine Instructor.

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