Training for Speed in the Golf Swing

I’ve been training for speed in the golf swing for pretty much my entire adult life (27 years). I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and I’m going to give you the best/fastest/most efficient way to train. But before I get to those, I want to talk about my philosophy for speed training. I’m hoping this will be your philosophy and one day the paradigm that speed training is based on.

Rule #1

Hippocratic Oath: Hippocrates had it right over 2000 years ago:


This not only applies to the golfers game (accuracy) but more importantly to the health/well being/body of the golfer. I see a ton (and I mean nearly every) of social media showing a golfer training for speed either in the gym with weights or for example swinging on their knees. These golfers (and unfortunately) their trainers have no clue that the exercise (or the way they’re doing the exercise) is DOING HARM.

Takeaway: You need to know what the hell you are doing and then you need to do it properly. If the exercise has a cost (could or does hurt the body), it’s off the table. It makes no sense to injure yourself. I’ve got the answers and I can get you there without injury.

You might be thinking, ‘duh, why would I want to do something that causes harm?’ and I would agree with you. The problem is that you and your trainer don’t know… no offense.

Rule #2

Use the 80/20 rule: Do the exercises that get the must bang for the buck. Yes, you can do a program for months on end to pick up 2 mph… or you can do my program and pick up 10 mph in less than a week. I’ll let you choose.

I really learned this on my own years ago, but Tim Ferriss (entrepreneur/author) really make it concrete in my mind. Spend your time and energy on the drills/exercises/training aids that produce the best/fastest/easiest results. He had a name for it and by giving it a name and focus, it’s part of the mindset.

Rule #3

(another rule that goes without saying, but I have to say it anyway)

The training must work!

Again, you’re probably thinking that you got that, but I’m just making sure we are all on the same page. Use products/drills/exercises that work! Because, unfortunately I see a ton of training out there that doesn’t work. How do you know the difference? read on and I’ll drop some knowledge how you can become a jedi speed knight.

Rule #4


I got this one from Ferriss also, it’s called the Minimum Effective Does.

MED: the smallest possible dose that will produce an outcome is all you need to do. anything else beyond that is a waste of resources/energy and in the case of speed training will LEAD TO INJURY.

This one is important, because I know you, you will work hours on end to gain that 20 yards. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to. I know you would, but unless you are a 24 year old Olympic athlete, hours on end will just end up destroying your body. Also, last time I checked, anybody over the age of 30 can’t work for hours on end without going into ‘marathon’ mode. We’re trying to be sprinters, not marathoners. Plus, we already laid out the DO NO HARM thing.

Rule #5

The training must adhere to ‘laws’ of the body. Specifically:

SAID Stability/Mobility Continuum

There are a few more, but they are for the jedi’s and you are still a Padwan.

SAID is one of my favorites, for some reason everybody in the training world forgets how it works for golf. It stands for:

Specific Adaptation to Increased Demand

Put simply: Your body will make a specific change if it is challenged. Can you guess the 2 key words here?

Specific and you guessed it Increased

The adaptation will be specific, so doing a curl will improve the size/strength of your bicep. Clubhead speed? not so much.

The Demand must be Increased. If you just hit balls all day, you aren’t increasing the demand. It seems like a heavy club would be ‘increased’ however, due to physics it doesn’t truly increase the demand.

So, everything we do will have the Specific change we want baked in AND it will be scalable. We will add resistance to increase the demand.


I’m not going to get into this one (google it if you really need to know), let’s just suffice it to say that if you break the continuum, you are DOING HARM and that’s a no-no.

Again, not trying to call anybody out, but most trainers/teachers out there might know about this concept, however, they don’t truly know how to apply it. We will make sure that it is applied correctly, so that you can make those amazing speed gains and it won’t have a cost to the body!

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