Training for Speed Part Troix

Training for Speed Part Troix (Correctly) Applying SAID to the Golf Swing

I’ve never seen anyone gain CHS by hitting balls. As a matter of fact, each swing you do with a ball with your current CHS is just thickening the myelin for slow speed. Also, practice swings are a waste (unless done preferably in slow motion with a purpose), so get rid of them as well (for speed training). Practice swings offer NO resistance and hitting balls offers limited resistance. We need to find a way to train for speed/power that takes advantage of the way the body works. I just happen to know of a few…..

One of these principles is called SAID: Specific Adaptation to Increased Demand. In other words, the body adapts (specifically) to more work (increased demand). So, if you lift a 10 pound weight (bicep curl) and you do it consistently, your body will adapt. Then, when you go to a 20 pound weight, you will be sore at first, but after a few workouts the adaptation will be made and you won’t be sore anymore. Keep in mind that the Adaptation is Specific, the 20 pound curl won’t improve your clubhead speed. It will give you a larger (adapted) bicep. The mistake most training aids make is that the resistance is not applied properly to the golf swing. For example, swinging a heavy club actually starts to pull on you on the downswing and you actually put on the brakes instead of the accelerators. (side note: would be interesting to take a slightly heavy club that you can hit into resistance…. hint, we are working on a new Speedball club)

I digress. My point is that if we could apply SAID to the golf swing, you’d really have something. That’s what my dad did years ago….

When I made my original gains in CHS, it was thru using the speedball and shortly thereafter the Speedball power module. The speedball did the one thing that NO other training aid/modality can do: Resistance at impact until the finish. (an impact bag isn’t bad, but doesn’t allow you to finish, also the Power Module is totally safe on the body) It completely changed the paradigm of the swing!! You don’t hit at a ball…you have to swing thru a strong (but completely safe) resistance. Once you have the feel of this (can’t be done with images or words, I repeat, YOU CAN’T VISUALIZE THIS OR READ ABOUT IT, YOU HAVE TO FEEL IT), you start to swing differently, your body ADAPTS and you increase your speed to overcome the resistance!! The other interesting phenomenon that happens with the Speedball (this also happens to Tour Tempo users) is that the speed ‘governor’ is taken off the system. In other works, you can swing as FAST AS YOU CAN. You can’t really miss that target. Your body then ADAPTS to the increase in speed and amazingly is able to hone that speed in on a smaller target like the ball.

So, the Speedball/Power Module is a ‘no brainer’ to quickly increase your CHS (I’ve seen results with students in 30 minutes and other slow adapters take a few weeks.)

The great part about the Speedball is that it requires absolutely no ‘change’ to your current swing. It is best done indoors 2x-4x week and workouts can be as little as 20 minutes. Typically I do my Speedball speed workouts 2-3x for 20 minutes a session during the winter months and 1-2x per week in the summer.

Have you ever heard the saying:

‘A picture is worth 1000 words’ and then the corollary:

‘A feeling is worth 1000 pictures’

I like to take that one step farther:

‘An overloaded force is worth 1000 feelings’

You could see a picture of bicep flexing. It’s a start. You could then curl a 10 pound weight. You’re starting to feel it. The ultimate is when you do curls with 25 plus pounds and you’re on that 6th rep…You now KNOW what it is to flex the bicep.

The golf swing is exactly the same. SAID lights up the body/muscles/brain!

This is what happens when you hit the speedball/powermodule. This is why you can get results so quickly. You can 10X your results when you take advantage of SAID!

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