2 Day School

• 2 nights lodging, meals, and Limousine transportation to and from the airport
• Tour Tempo Long Game and Short Game Analysis
• Includes over $1000 worth of the Tour Tempo Training Tools
• Tour Tempo Micro Player
• FlightScope® Launch Monitor Analysis

Day 1

• Tour Tempo & Clubhead Speed and Ball Speed analysis
• Short Game Tempo/Mechanics analysis
• Tempo RX for Long Game & Intro to the Micro Player
• Intro to the New Tour Tempo Lag Man Training Tools

Day 2

• Tempo & LAG Work
• Short Game Tempo & Drills
• Bunker Tempo & Drills
• Re-Cap by finalizing individual programs

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“I took up golf to have some quality time with my boys, but because my life is insanely busy with constant travel all over the world – I found that I had little time to practice, and that making progress in the game was a daunting task.

That’s why I’m so impressed with the immediate and quantifiable results after a one day session with you and your Tour Tempo VIP training, I went from hitting my 7 iron 140 yards to 160 yards – my driver from 240-245 to 265-275 – and am now hitting the ball with confidence and it’s going straight.

p.s. I out drove my golfing partners yesterday when I hit two drives on consecutive holes that measured 285 yards and 282 yards and that was only 3 days after the VIP!”

— Tony Robbins
Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist

Scott Novosel, Tony Robbins, and John Novosel Sr.









And this student has hit some good 5 irons – as he has been playing golf 32 yrs and his best score ever is a 64!

Here are 2 emails we received from him.

“Got to the course for the first time yesterday, I had forgotten how much fun golf is!
3 drives over 280(never had 1 before), 7 iron 173 to the pin hit it 20 ft long, Probably would have shot under par had I not hit it thru 3 fairways and airmailed 4 greens. Still shot 75 with 4 doubles.
This is pure fun, I wish I could have videos of my playing partners faces. It’s a shock when you see somebody that you’ve played golf with for 30+years suddenly hit it 40 yards longer off the tee and irons 2 clubs longer.
I’m doing the plan, loving it and having fun.

“Yes and yes.
Having a blast, golf is fun again!
The value of your school tripled when you add the videos. I can easily film myself doing the drills and see if my form matches up so I can stay on track and I have the school advantage of already understanding what it feels like.
It gives every practice session feel, visual and auditory  feedback and I can get a lot done in 30-60 minutes.
I hit 15 balls at the end of a practice session to see the distance accuracy trajectory etc.
Then I smile a lot and I’m real happy!”

In one day at this last weekends VIP we had a 72 yr old add 35 yds, a 61 yr old added 30 yds, a 65 yr old added 30 yds, and a 50 yr old added 40 yds – so we expect immediate improvement for our students that attend the VIP!

Email from Randy (VIP Alum):

Hope all is well. Just wanted to share with you that I hit my longest drive ever…. a par 5 hole, from the tees I was playing it was 479 yards to the center of the green…. my second shot into the green was 155 yards…. THAT IS A 379 yard drive…. wow!!! Thank you Tour Tempo!

Best regards,

Email from Ron (VIP Alum):

My friend that I play golf with used to out drive me by 20 yards, today I used a 3 wood and hit it as far as he did with his driver. On top of that, I hit a 7 iron 184 yards to within 6 feet of the pin (I used to carry my 7 iron 150 yds) and I’m 72.
Ron C.

Email from Mike (VIP Alum):

Shot 69 today in 35mph winds on a 7250 course. If you do the program it works.

Email from John (original clubhead speed with driver 98mph) on 5-26-17 (one week after VIP) :

Don’t know quite where to begin! I have faithfully worked every day this week and just finished playing nine holes and shot 38! Only double was on a par three where I hit OVER the green into the sand and hit two bad bunker shots. Wished I would have listened more or tried the sand demo you gave now! But….. I did hit EVERY fairway with drives of 302, 285 and probably the best of 271 into a strong wind!! The kicker was I hit a 5 iron over the green on a par five lasered at 212!!! Also hit a 4 iron to 20 ft on other par 5! Words can’t express how great you both were and how excited I am with the possibilities! Have ANYBODY that’s trying to decide about coming to your school call me! Best money in golf I ever spent!! Talk soon. John

Brady – 3-24-17 school – see video below – (average before VIP 250)
Text sent on 5-9-17

“I feel comfortable saying I picked up 25 yards on my drives on the course. I’m easily back in the 270-280 range with very little roll.”

Email from Bob 5-19 VIP school, less than a month after VIP – ( 70 yr old )

Making progress! I have been doing a lot of ABC drills and it is starting to pay off. My driver came alive today, hit a 3 wood about 260 and my irons are one to two clubs longer.

Latest email from John on 6-15-17 (less than a month after VIP) :

Yesterday I shot 37 with a 3 putt and a double, highlighted by a 193 yard 6 iron to 8 feet on a par five.. UGH I missed the eagle though! I did hit 116 on swing radar last week and outdrove my son 3 times in 9 holes. I think I shook him up… lol john s.

Email from RM (VIP Alum):

Hi John,

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Wanted to drop you an email letting you know that I continue to use what I learned at the VIP School. This weekend I shot my lowest score, so far, a 73. I was 1 over going into 18 and needed a birdie to shoot par. Had a good drive with 120 yds into the green. Put my 2nd shot within 15′ of the hole. Missed the birdie putt (nerves came into play) and ended up with a par for 73. I know that is not a big deal to those who consistently shoot in the low 70’s but it is a big deal for me.

The main purpose of this email was not to brag on my 73 but to thank you for changing my golf game by teaching me the importance of tempo and implementing it into my golf game.


Email from JW (VIP Alum):

I shot a 78 from the back tees. It was the best round I’ve ever shot at my club. Hdcp has gone from 13.7 to 9.2 !

VIP Golf School Equals Serious Speed Increases



After the publication of Tour Tempo in May 2004, we started conducting Tour Tempo Golf Schools in Lawrence, KS. These exclusive schools were set up for one student and two instructors, John Jr. and myself. They ran over either a two or three day period, and because John, Jr. had the Halcyon House Bed and Breakfast, it allowed us to more or less live with the students that came in for the school.

We found out thru our prior experiences of exhibiting at the PGA Show in Orlando that we learned more from being together the whole time and talking golf than from formal type lessons. So we decided to interleave this type of arrangement into our school curriculum.

The current schools are a combination of what we learned from working with these students and what we had learned from our previous work with our staff of Golf Magazine Top 100 teachers.

We have now further simplified and refined the sessions and are able to convey the same information into more affordable group type classes.


We have spent the past seventeen years perfecting the Tour Tempo® Learning System to the point where it has become one of the most effective training systems in Golf. It all started in 1990 with the invention of the basic SPEEDBALL® Training system. We were measuring and increasing golfer’s clubhead speeds before it became widely known and accepted that this was the major factor in increasing distance. At that time we were doing what we are still doing today – increasing distance while at the same time increasing accuracy. But now with the advent of the Tour Tempo® System, we have taken that to the next level.

The Tour Tempo® System takes into consideration how human beings learn athletic movements, something sadly lacking in most of conventional golf training. We have identified the most important aspects of the golf swing and most importantly of all, we have developed a way to “communicate” them directly to your body. We bypass the conscious mind, because just knowing what you should do does not guarantee that your body will be able to carry it out.

Since 1990, we have collaborated with some of the best teachers on the planet. In addition, over the last 44 years, I have conducted an exhaustive search on the history of golf instruction. It is through these channels that we have formulated our present learning protocol. We have taken the best and most effective learning methods of Golf’s greatest teachers, past and present, and integrated them into our System.

We use Two Key Principles

1. Tour Tempo – The Keystone of the Schools
Incorporated into all the information is an analysis of your present tempo for Putting thru Driving and how to achieve Tour Tempo® for all shots on course.

We have found that many minor mechanical problems with our students’s swing clear up when they get their tempo right. Old fashioned golf instruction wastes time and effort on changing these trivial items, whereas, we concentrate on the whole motion.

2. The Generalized Motor Program Theory and Transfer Specificity of Motor Skills
Without getting into a lot of motor skill learning precepts and details, how this applies to you is that I have invented and patented a series of training devices that are only available to students at our schools.

So what we do is take you thru a series of simple drills that employ these devices. These drills are progressive in nature – starting with the most basic motions and then building upon that to the full swing. So with the Tour Tempo® Tools, we work on every aspect of your golf game, from Putting thru Driving.

The result of these drills is that you acquire (without using conscious thought) all the desired attributes of a professional swing – the correct Tempo, swing plane, release, and the proper use and timing of all of the muscles of the body.

You will not have to worry about what starts your backswing, what starts the downswing, all the specific movements of body parts, etc. This will help you to eliminate the constant bouncing from one theory to another in the search for a consistent, powerful golf swing.

If at any time, after the School, your swing should go astray, you merely return to the Tour Tempo® training aids that are included with your tuition, and the proper execution of the drills you learned at our school – and you will be right back in the groove. They are basically all you will ever need in order to rekindle the correct golf swing sensations for the rest of your golfing life.


There are two options for the Tour Tempo VIP Golf School.

Option 1
2 Day Session – We limo you from airport, and put you up at John Jr.’s Bed and Breakfast in Lawrence, KS (home of the Kansas Jayhawks… we’ll both be staying there and room and board are on us).

First thing we do is establish a baseline consisting of your current clubhead speed, ball speed, spin rate, launch angles, plus your clubhead speed at 5 different points in the swing (very important) and tempo ratios. The reason that we get these base measurements is that we’ll make quantifiable changes in your swing thru our training regimen and we want you to know about them.

One of the most noticeable of those changes will be moving the point of your highest clubhead speed during the downswing to coincide with impact – something that all Tour Pros do.
Translation – when you do that, you hit the ball farther.

Most amateur golfers have their highest downswing speed occur 36 to 12 inches before impact.
Translation – when you do that, you’re generally casting and coming over the top, and you hit the ball shorter and crooked.

One of the best stories illustrating the importance of your highest clubhead speed occurring at impact is that of President Gerald Ford (strong, athletic person, he played football at the University of Michigan). It is said that he had the same clubhead speed as Jack Nicklaus, the only difference was that his was half way down in the swing and Jack’s was at impact.

We’ll then go thru the introductory information about Tour Tempo with you and start your preliminary training with a step by step intro to the Tour Tempo protocol – determining which of the four Tour Tempos will work best for you. (Both Long game and Short game)

We’ll then take you thru the drills that you will use to learn the correct mechanics of the swing and how to integrate them with the Tour Tempo side. We’ll have a lot of indoor work and some work at the range, and weather permitting, some work on the golf course.

Option 2
Personal Golf School for corporations or individuals at your location or ours.


John Novosel Sr.
· Author of the International best selling golf instructional – Tour Tempo® which has been translated into Japanese as well as Spanish.
· Inventor, with six patents on golf swing training aids including the highly acclaimed SpeedBall.
· Golf’s leading authority on Tempo. First instructor to discover and define exactly what Tempo in the Golf Swing is and the first to know exactly how to teach it.

John Novosel Sr. pictured with Ron Graham (Wilson Tour Rep) at the PGA FBR Phoenix Open 2006.

John Novosel Jr.

John Novosel Jr. has worked and consulted with golfers of all abilities – including PGA & LPGA Tour Players, Nationwide Tour Players, and also top amateurs thru beginners.

His teaching puts an emphasis on the golfer achieving a consistent, PGA Tour-type tempo and maximizing clubhead speed at impact.

He has worked with his father to develop the concepts of Tour Tempo and also has co-patented 4 training aids with his father.

In recent years, he competed in professional long drive events and was able to generate clubhead speeds over 140 mph and ball speeds up to 200 mph, despite only being 6’0″ and 165 lbs. His longest drive in competition is 402 yards.

He has presented the concepts of Tour Tempo all over the world. In 2008 he presented to the PGA of Sweden. Later that year he presented @ the World Golf Fitness Summit. In 2011, he made the trip to Amsterdam where he was part of the PGA of Holland’s coaching summit.

He is certified with the Titleist Performance Institute as a Golf Fitness Instructor I, Golf Professional 2, and Golf Biomechanist 2. Also, he is certified with SSC Golf Swing as Level 1 Speed and Power Instructor and Level 2 Spine Engine Instructor.

RE/MAX WLDC Regional Qualifying  – 09/11/2006 (St. Louis, MO) John Novosel Jr.,  376 yards

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2 Day School – $3500 per person ($6,000 for private)
Please submit your information and we will get back to you to discuss how the Tour Tempo VIP Golf School can benefit your golf game.


VIP Golf School Testimonials

“John, many thanks for including me in the TT school. I’m excited about what I have learned and the immediate improvement in my game. Yesterday was fun… truly I was getting 25-40 yards on some drives. Also excited about the ball flight on all clubs.”

“I came in 7th in my flight of over 100 at the PGA Superstore World Amateur Championship in Myrtle Beach in August, and that was with a new set of Pings I had only played with once. I think the truth of the matter is that my confidence has gone way up after the school, especially with the putter. Practicing with the Electronic Putter is the only way to go.”

“GREAT SCHOOL. While the weather did not fully cooperate, I still felt very good about what we were able to get accomplished. In addition to learning more about the swing and being introduced to some excellent training aids that will help me to continue improving, I had an absolute blast. You, Jr, and Scott made me feel comfortable from the time I arrived, which was very conducive for learning. There wasn’t that awkward feeling or intimidation that sometimes accompanies these type of classes. That was the most fun I have ever had on a golf trip, and I learned a lot too. I highly recommend this school to anybody who is serious about improving their game. If you follow the routine, you will hit the ball further and you WILL improve.”

“I shot 66 the Saturday after school, and then finished the year by winning my club championship.”

“Shot 79 yesterday. I have not hit a drive as well on the course as I did on the range with you and Jr., but my drives (which I consider partial“misses”) ranged from 240 to 280, a remarkable improvement.”

“I shot 81, 81 on two consecutive days to win my club Invitational (team event). Handicap hasn’t shown the change yet as the scores didn’t get in for the October numbers. My husband and I won our couples Handicap tournament. I’m hitting the ball farther and straighter than I ever have. I’m still hoping to get the most improved golfer for the season. I’ll let you know how it goes.”

“I increased my clubhead speed from 105 mph to 115 mph in one day.”

“I just finished playing at my home course. Shot 71, hit everything on a rope, and hit my driver 15 yards longer all day.”

“I have been having a blast with what I have learned. I finished 2nd in my big yearly tournament. During my tournament, all of my friends accused me of doing something with my game because I was consistently 30 yards longer off of the tee all week.”

“I’m pretty proud to have hit 110 mph on a few occasions, although I’m now averaging about 105-107. I know I can improve this speed, but it is a nice jump from my pre Phoenix speed of 93 mph.”

“The holes I drove are not long by PGA standards. But the 1st is 335yds, I rolled onto the green and off into the left greenside bunker. The 5th is a 300 yard shorty that I went over the backside and the 16th is 351 and I was approx 10 yds short to the left. All the greens are crowned so roll isn’t going to get you there totally. My shots were lower than the high shots I normally hit and they took off like a rocket! I have gotten close to the 5th before but the other two were 40-50 yds closer than in the past.”

“I went to the golf course yesterday. Might have been too soon without consistent drill training, but I got invited and could not pass it up. The first hole is a par 5, dogleg right. I have never scored better than bogey on that hole, until yesterday. Used my 3 wood off the tee. A little low on trajectory but it went straight and got past the dogleg. Second shot was a 5 wood, perfectly straight. Third shot was a pitching wedge. First putt was long, perfect release and left a tap in for par.”

“On another hole, I hit a pitching wedge that looked like it was right at the flag and I guess you taught me too well because I did not know my own strength and it flew the green. It was a good day.”

Went from 10.6 to 4.7 in one month after the VIP GOLF SCHOOL

Score History – Date Score CR/Slope Diff.Course Name
11/2/06 77 72.1/128 4.3 Chesapeake Bay Golf Club Risin
10/7/06 75 73.5/146 1.2 Pilgrim’s Oak Golf Club
10/1/06 68 71.7/135 -3.1 Stone Harbor Golf Club
9/29/06 78 70.8/132 6.2 Chesapeake Bay Golf Club North
9/28/06 83 73.1/129 8.7 Eagle Bend Golf Course

Chuck was in Lawrence the last week of Sept. 06. Eagle Bend is the course that we played during the VIP School – he shoots a 83 at a course he’s never seen before. That weekend after getting back home, he shot a 78 at his Regular course followed by a 68 the following weekend and then a 75 at a course with a 146 Slope; and then a 77 at home.



Average yardage increase 26 yards carry with 5 iron.

5 iron clubhead speed 85 mph before
5 iron clubhead speed 98 mph after

What you can learn from Chuck’s results after attending the school:

1. You don’t have to get worse before you get better.

2. You can get really better right away.

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