Wide Variety of tempo’s this week

Wide Variety of tempo’s this week (just like there is a wide variety of swings)

Rickie Fowler’s normal tempo is right around 18/6, so he is superfast. However, in the 3rd round he hooked a drive and his tempo was 23/6, so he got way too slow on his backswing.

KJ Choi is slower paced and is one of the few that doesn’t fit the 3:1. His tempo is around 22/10. The interesting thing here is that he could maintain his tempo with the short game 20/10 tones. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for everyone, but it’s always good to experiment. (he has such a unique build/background for a golfer – former powerlifter and very different swing. one of the few pro’s that ‘casts’ from the top. When you cast, you’ll have a longer downswing frame count)

Nick Watney is around 24/8, so a good 3:1 and he could use the 24/8 tones. I saw around, because some swings are 25/8 and some are 24/9. Depends on how you count the frames. Anyway, the time frames are so small, it doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s the beauty of Tour Tempo.

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