Part III: Witness the magic of Tour Tempo

We created a series of 3 musical tones to:

  • Start your swing
  • Start your downswing
  • Impact

We developed these tones to correspond to the tempo’s of great players like Rory McIlroy, Ernie Els, etc…

They come in 4 ‘flavors’





In this particular case, Rory would be on 21/7 and our am would be well…..what would he be?

We like to use the # from your downswing to determine your optimum tempo (assuming the # is below 10).  So, in this case he has an 8 frame downswing, so we would put him onto 24/8.

Side note: You can’t swing like Rory McIlroy.  You’re not as strong/flexible/athletic/coordinated/experienced….the list goes on and on.  You probably can’t hit even one position he gets into during his swing.  And you’ll never have his CHS or hit it as far as him…..Sorry to get on the negativity train, but there is one glimmer of hope here…YOU CAN HAVE HIS TEMPO!!

The cool part about having his tempo is that tempo is one of the best things a tour pro has and you have access to that!  You have the ability to transform your game and you’re about to see that it’s within your reach (unlike a pro’s shoulder turn/hip turn/etc…)

Enter the 24/8 Tour Tempo Tones (see pics below, we have 2 delivery vehicles: The Tour Tempo Micro Player, which fits in your ear and is quiet/private & The Tour Tempo Total Game App for iphone or android)



We put him on 24/8 and started with practice swings.  When golfers first hear the Tour Tempo tones, the #1 response we get is:

“No way I can swing that Fast!”  followed by my favorite:

“If I do the tones I don’t have time to think of anything else”  Beautiful!!

So, he did the tones and found internally that he had to go to warp speed to hit the 2nd tone on time.  Once he did that fairly well, we put a ball out in front of him.

I always tell golfers to focus solely on the tones and don’t worry about the ball or where the ball goes.  The first few shots are usually so-so, but then the golfer lines up the tones and starts to get comfortable and that’s when amazing things happen.  Here is a new look at our timeline after just 10 minutes of working with the Tour Tempo tones.

TTChartBAnd, incredibly, look at the new swing, aka ‘After’.



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