World Golf Fitness Summit Part I

I’ve just returned from Disneyland!  Well, I was a half wedge away from Disneyland, but I was like a kid at a theme park when I attended the World Golf Fitness Summit held recently in Anaheim.  The WGFS is put on by the Titleist Performance Institute – see and is held annually (I think they’re moving to every other year).  It is held to bring together the top minds in Golf & Fitness and share knowledge on how golfers can hit the ball farther, biomechanics, injury prevention, junior programs, etc…the list goes on and on.  I was fortunate enough to be invited as a speaker and Tour Tempo also had a booth at the trade show.

Day 1

Thursday was my day.  I presented that afternoon, so I was very busy preparing for that.  I got there around 10 am just in time to catch Thomas Plummer, who specializes in helping fitness pro’s with their businesses. His message was simple, “kill your niche”.  In other words, be a specialist in something.  That way, you’ll be known for your specialty and people will beat down your door for that specialty item.  For me, that niche is tempo, speed, & power.

After lunch was Mike Boyle.  Mike is one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the nation.  His message fit the Speedball model: it’s not whether or not adult golfers should train for power, THEY SHOULD, it’s how to do it safely.  That’s the whole point of the Speedball, train for power, swing at full speed and don’t hurt yourself like you might with other types of swing training for power.

Now it was my turn, I discussed the discovery of Tour Tempo, the tones, and how it helps all types of golers.  I added that the stretch/shorten cycle is improved with Tour Tempo.  (the stretch/shorten was mentioned nearly every day at the summit in one way or another) and then we brought a pro up on stage to try the tones.  Within 4 swings he had it down and he was looking good!  After the presentation our booth was packed with fitness pro’s, golf pro’s and even MD’s wanting more info.  It was a huge success and we were only on day 1!

Day 2

Well, the pressure was off, so I attended one of the early morning workouts given by Mark Smith, phd.  Mark has a product called the x-iser (see ) and has a tough workout routine to go with it. Mark is firm believer that golfers need intense training and this is also good for fat loss as well.  I made it thru the 15-20 minute workout, and I had such a sweat worked up, I had to go back and shower…..back to the Summit, the main speaker in the morning was Alwyn Cosgrove and his message was similar to what Mark believed, you need interval training combined with a semi-restricted carbohydrate diet for fat loss and overall health.  He did not like the Atkins type diet, but basically wanted you to get off of bread, pasta, etc…eat more fruits, veggies, and lean meats.  Next up was renowned physical therapist Gray Cook to discuss functional movements…….

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