Y Drill, L Drill – Flat wrist?

This question comes from one of readers:

“Do you suggest maintaining that cup throughout the swing, or should I be looking to flatten out that wrist at some point. Thanks very much.”

Here is my reply:

Great Question!

 Their should be some flattening of the left wrist thru impact.  This helps to lean the shaft at impact.
 How much?  It depends on many factors.
 We don’t prescribe that you HAVE to have a cupped wrist at address.  However, you will see most tour pro’s with a slightly strong/cupped left wrist.
If you have a lot of cup (which is called wrist extension) a la Fred Couples, then your wrist will look less flat (wrist flexion) at impact.
If you start with a little cup, then the wrist will look much flatter at impact.
Specifically for the y drill, we definitely do NOT want to see more cup thru impact, as this is a breakdown and will lead to a chicken wing (and other bad stuff).
Look for weekly blogs this year, as I give out Tour Tempo analyses from the PGA tour events.

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