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Question on Length of Swing in the Y and L drills:

“I do have one question. In the drills, the follow-thru is shorter than the swing. It seems like you would need to decellerate to do this, I’m sure there is some reason to try do do this? I’d add I have trouble doing this, do you 1 stop the turn and stiffen the arms? What is the purpose to not going to full finish or at least completing the equivelent turn to the take-away?

That is a great question and no one has really asked us that. And your idea that you’d have to decel makes sense, but this is one of those counterintuitive things (there a lot of them in golf). So, here goes with the reasoning:

Length of swing: One of the main reasons we like to control the follow thru is that it gives you the golfer a huge feedback mechanism. For example, let’s say you want to know if you’re ‘flipping’. If you do a full or even semi-full follow thru, you don’t even feedback as to whether or not you flipped. BUT, if you stop the club past impact, you can really see and feel if your right hand is flipped (flexion). Another great part of this is you can see the direction of the club and also the face. So there are many variables that you get to see and feel by stopping the follow thru. These are never seen and felt in a full follow thru.

Decel: This one is tricky, but what we are trying to get you to do with the short follow thru is to accelerate into impact and then decel AFTER impact. The mistake everyone makes is swinging very hard into the ball and then trying to really put on the brakes TOO HARD. You don’t have to kill it. If you can’t decel into a solid finish, then you don’t have good ‘control’ of the body or the club, so this really helps to give you that control. Another point on the decel: if you start the top of the downswing and gradually build up swing (like a pendulum), then you won’t decel into the ball.

One other point: the big mistake golfers make on the Y and L drills is that they do a full swing at about 50% speed. This one always makes me laugh out loud. I say, “ok, do a Y drill”. Then they proceed to take the club back to parallel and try to swing easy. This is an awareness thing. A huge difference between a tour pro and an amateur is awareness. When you have the awareness to tell yourself ‘Y drill’ and then you look into the mirror and see the Y drill, that is when you will really improve your swing.

Hope that helps!

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