You Asked, I Answer

Many of the questions/issues that we received from the readers had to do with short game. Getting more consistency from 50 yards and in and esp. with chipping.

I wanted a simple yet powerful way to get results and I stumbled onto it recently when I was chipping. I was using the Tour Tempo Short Game tones and I happened to look up at someone while swinging the club back. So, my club was half way back. Then another set of tones came thru the iPhone speaker and decided to just start my swing from there. I hit all 3 tones! and it felt very different. (side note: I love different. anytime that I feel ‘different’ I pay attention because that typically means something magical is happening. You should love ‘different’ also. The only 2 people on the planet that probably shouldn’t want different are Jason Day and the guy that won the current week’s PGA tour event) I started to try all types of different ‘starting’ points, but I had to match the 3 tones. When I could do that on a practice swing, I took that to a real club and ball and did the same thing. What I noticed was a better delivery of the club without any extra speed, so this helped distance control and contact.

The next step was to go back to the normal way of using the tones and then finally to no tones at all. I could feel a heightened sense of timing and rhythm and a sense of ‘softness’ to the hit.

So, here is the basic drill:

Set up to a chip (no ball) with your normal short game tempo playing Take club halfway back and stop Wait for the tones and then start the tones from that spot Hit all 3 tones

Once you can do that and consistently brush the grass, then try it with a ball. Don’t focus at all on the ball, focus on the new sensation of different timing on the tones.

Rinse and Repeat, except when you repeat try different starting points.

Finally, go back to a real ball and club without tones, notice your internal makeup and how that effects the motion of the club.

Let us know how you do with this drill! In my talks with Grober (Yale Physicist) he explained why this type of thing works, so for your high level physics majors out there, I can tell you in an upcoming blog what is happening. But for the rest of us, we don’t need to know how it works, we just need it to work!

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