The great golfers of yesterday and today have one thing in common:

You probably don't know the name John Novosel, Sr., but he is part scientist, part teaching pro, and one of the brightest minds in golf. That's him in the photo below...

One day, John was filming LPGA Tour legend Jan Stephenson.

Despite only being 5 feet, 5 inches tall, Jan was crushing tee shot after tee shot 260 yards or more.

A naturally curious man, John examined Jan's swing in slow motion, frame-by-frame, and he noticed something:

Jan's backswing took 27 frames and her downswing was 9 frames, in other words the backswing was exactly three times as long as her downswing. A 3:1 ratio. (When editing video, there are 30 frames per second)

The next day, John was watching video of Tiger Woods (from the 1997 Masters, which Tiger won by 12 shots) and noticed the same, 3:1 backswing-to-downswing ratio.

And that's when John had a Eureka! moment.

He spent the next several days watching every video he could find of professional golfers.

He saw radically different swing motions but...

Every Pro Golfer Has this "Magical" 3:1 Backswing-to-Downswing Ratio

Some pros had faster or slower swings, but they all had a 3:1 backswing-to-downswing ratio. In other words, a consistent tempo.

The 3:1 ratio wasn’t John’s only tempo discovery…

He also found that Tour pro’s do 2 other important things!

1. From takeaway to impact the tour pro’s are about 1 second or less (about a 24/8 swing). Not sure what you think of that, but it’s quick…

This totally put conventional tempo ‘wisdom’ on it’s head! Low and slow?! Hell no, the pro’s were fast!

2. When Tour pro’s were playing well, their 3:1 ratio and their elapsed time were consistent on all full swings.

This makes sense: the key to consistent golf is consistent tempo!

John’s next thought was to look at the tempo of average golfers… and When John analyzed the swings of "amateur" golfers, you can guess what he found:

The ratios were all over the map. Their elapsed times were all over the map, mainly way too slow… this led to consistency that was all over the map!

And Here’s the Really Crazy Part...

Unknown to John, two scientists at Yale University (Robert D. Grober from the Department of Applied Physics and Jacek Cholewicki from the Department of Biomedical Engineering) were working on a study called, "A Biomechanical Understanding of Tempo in the Golf Swing."

They discovered, like John, that the backswing-to-downswing ratio -- for current and former golf greats -- is 3:1... nearly every time... nearly every player. They also discovered the same elapsed times and the same consistencies... and (shocker) they discovered that average golfers were... ALL OVER THE MAP!

Here is just a sampling of some of the greats and their ratio’s:

Jack Nicklaus 3:1
Ben Hogan 3:1
Gary Player 3:1
Sam Snead 3:1
Rory McIlroy 3:1
Tiger Woods 3:1
Rickie Fowler 3:1
Annika Sorenstam 3:1
Henrik Stenson 3:1
Ernie Els 3:1
Greg Norman 3:1
Phil Mickelson 3:1
Louis Oosthuizen 3:1

Again, some PGA Tour pros like British Open Champion Henrik Stenson do it amazingly quick: he takes 18 frames going back and 6 frames coming down.

Ernie Els, on the other hand, is a bit slower: 25 on the backswing and 8 on the downswing.

But... And This is Really Important:

The backswing-to-downswing ratio (i.e., tempo) is always the same... 3:1. The elapsed time is always the same and these 2 things lead to CONSISTENCY!

The moment John made this discovery, he re-focused his teaching on helping his students achieve the "perfect" 3 to 1 ratio.

Because he realized...

"Swing Problems Disappear When Golfers Get Their Tempo Right"

When you get your tempo right, everything else falls into place.

You immediately get...

• The proper swing plane
• Automatic timing and rhythm
• The perfect release
• Effortless and powerful ball striking

And by focusing on tempo, you do not need to worry about...

• What starts your backswing?
• What starts the downswing?
• What should your arms and legs be doing?
• Where should your head be?
• What is the proper weight shift?
• Etc.
• Etc.

Nor do you need to keep bouncing from swing theory to swing theory. Finally!

Of course, the question is...

How Do You Learn the Right Tempo?

For a long time, even the best-of-the-best golf instructors have said, "You can't really teach great tempo."

And they were right -- using traditional methods, it was a hard concept to learn.

Until now.

See, John developed a way to actually teach great tempo to any golfer.

His patented device is called the Tour Tempo Micro Player, and it is going to revolutionize your game.

This Tiny Device
Which You Place On Your Ear
Will Help You Gain
Every Time You Play...

Here’s How it Works:

1. Attach it comfortably to your ear and listen for the 3 musical tones.

2. Start your backswing on the first tone...

3. Start your downswing on the second tone...

4. Make impact on the third tone.

When you 'sync' your swing to these 3 tones, the results are immediate and dramatic!

By the way, you can certainly use it at the range, but if your practice time or space is limited, you can practice swinging a club -- real or imaginary -- at home, at the office, or anywhere else.

That's right - you can use this device to improve your golf swing anywhere.

I know it may seem a little weird, even by golf training aid standards.

But it's hard to argue with the science behind it... and the results (see below).

What the Media and More than 100,000
Customers are Saying

John's Tour Tempo approach and device have received glowing reviews from the following publications and customers...

GOLF Magazine

"Rev up your backswing for 20 more yards"

Golf Digest

"Thanks to John Novosel's research… we know that virtually all good golf swings are built on a 3-to-1 ratio"

Golf World

"The man who's spent his life studying the tempo of the world's best players"

"Perfect Score"

"I've only given one perfect score. Now Tour Tempo can be added to that most-elite company. Tour Tempo is scientifically proven, it's easy to use, and it will help you in every facet of the game."

- MyGolfSpy

"I hit some of the most amazing golf shots in years"

"I bought Tour Tempo yesterday. Today at my golf club in Cleveland, I hit some of the most amazing golf shots in years... and the most amazing thing is, there is not one thought of swing mechanics... for someone whose brain has been completely overloaded with swing correction "Band-Aids" for 25 years, you can't properly appreciate my joy!"

- Hughes Norton

"Outdrove my golfing partners"

"I went from hitting my 7 iron 140 yards to 160 yards -- my driver from 240-245 to 265-275 -- and am now hitting the ball with confidence and it's going straight. I outdrove my golfing partners yesterday."

- Tony Robbins, Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist 

"Reached one of my personal golf goals"

"Last week I reached one of my personal golf goals and broke 120 MPH with my swing, a speed rarely reached by amateur golfers. If I can do this -- trust me -- most people reading this can too."

- Kevin, Washington, DC

Click Here to Get Your Tour Tempo Micro Player for Only $79

Works with Your Current Swing
(Long Game and Short Game)

Two things you’ll love about the Tour Tempo Micro Player:

It’s easy to use and you can pick the tempo that will help you get consistent.

As you can see below, you can adjust the speed of the tones to match your swing.

Again, regardless if you swing fast or slow, you can achieve perfect tempo.

The second thing you’ll love?

It also works for your short game.

The bottom row of numbers are the short game settings.

That's right: John Novosel noticed that touring professionals even have the same tempo with pitches and chip shots (but on a 2:1 backswing/downswing ratio.)

Clear Your Golfing Brain and Start
Focusing on What Really Works

Here's the real beauty of the Tour Tempo Micro Player.

By focusing on the tones in the Tour Tempo, you can clear your golfing brain of technical clutter and simply focus on tempo and rhythm.

You can use the Tour Tempo Micro Player and the results are spectacular... everything works together and you’ll start hitting...

• Big, booming drives
• Crisp and powerful irons
• Long, straight fairway woods and irons
• "Stone dead" pitches and chips.

Yes -- I have to admit I get a few curious looks when people see the Tour Tempo Micro Player on my ear.

But once they see the shots I hit, they want to get one!

Tour Tempo Tracks/Focus Songs Vol. II Download ($25 Value)

You will receive a download link for the Tour Tempo Tracks/Focus songs for the three principle frame ratios of Tour Tempo – 21/7, 24/8, and 27/9. The Tracks are an easy way to integrate Tour Tempo into your daily routine. One of the best ways to use the Tracks is to listen to them while driving to the course before a round of golf. Click here to learn more abour the Tracks/Focus songs.

What the Micro Player can do for You

• Maximum power with all your clubs

• "Sweet spot" contact with your driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges

• Perfect tour-quality tempo and rhythm

• The ability to take your game from the range to the golf course

• An absolutely "yip-proof" putting stroke

• Practice-anywhere capability
• Long-lasting rechargeable battery
• No need to buy extra devices… just insert the Tour Tempo Micro Player in your ear
• No wires. No technology to learn. Discrete.
• Long-lasting rechargeable battery

What You’ll Get...

Long-Game Tones

The Long-Game Tones will teach you how to swing with the tempo ratio exhibited by the Tour Pros. We measured the time of their backswings and downswings by counting how many frames of video each part took. The magic ratio on full swings turned out to be three parts backswing to one part downswing. Tones are provided for each of the following frame ratios of Tour Tempo – 18/6, 21/7, 24/8, and 27/9.

Short-Game Tones

The MICRO PLAYER also contains the new Tour Tempo Short-Game Tones of 14/7, 16/8, 18/9, and 20/10. After the publication of Tour Tempo, John Novosel studied the Short Game swings of the top touring pros, and discovered that virtually all of them employ a 2 to 1 swing ratio on or around the greens – a different Tempo than the 3 to 1 ratio of the Long Game. This is another reason why the game of Golf is so hard to master.

Instructional Videos

The Videos give a complete explanation of the Tones and how to use them to immediately improve your Total Game.

  • Introduction
  • Explanation
  • How to Operate
  • Workout
  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Lob Shot
  • Bunker Shot

Tour Tempo Tracks/Focus Songs (MP3)

You will receive a download link for the Tour Tempo Tracks/Focus songs for the three principle frame ratios of Tour Tempo – 21/7, 24/8, and 27/9. The Tracks are an easy way to integrate Tour Tempo into your daily routine. One of the best ways to use the Tracks is to listen to them while driving to the course before a round of golf.

It’s Already Inexpensive…
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Instructional Videos and the Tour Tempo Tracks.

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"Good luck with your golf game!"

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