The first 46 pages of Tour Tempo
33 pages of Tour Tempo 2
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The first 46 pages of Tour Tempo
33 pages of Tour Tempo 2
Drills, Tips, and Instruction
Free Tracks/Focus Songs

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Three Books,

Three Revolutionary Secrets.

TOUR TEMPO started the revolution with its groundbreaking discoveries that shattered the paradigms on rhythm in the golf swing. But it also delivered the simple and effective Tour Tempo tones so golfers of all abilities could swing faster and employ the 3:1 ratio used by the greatest players of today and yesterday. The Result: Longer and Straighter shots… with less thinking!

TOUR TEMPO 2 continued the work of the original with a focus on the short game and a new ratio. The 2:1 ratio and the new Tour Tempo short game tones. The Result: wedge shots, chips and putts closer to (or in) the hole!

TOUR TEMPO FORCE delivers the third secret by combining the tenets of Tour Tempo with the physics of harmonic oscillators and pendulums, explaining how you can optimize your long and short games by applying the proper force in the backswing and downswing. Specific drills are explained and demonstrated, plus for the first time in 10 years, we introduce new Tour Tempo tones. The Result: more focus and more speed!

Tour Tempo Total Game

Used by beginners through Major Championship winners on the PGA Tour and validated by an Independent Scientific Study by the Departments of Physics and Biomechanics at Yale University.

The Total Game App allows you to learn how to correctly integrate the Tempo of the Tour Pros into your golf swing. Over 100,000 golfers worldwide, including Major Championship winners on the PGA Tour, have improved their games by using Tour Tempo.


Tour Tempo Frame Counter

It’s a proven fact that matching your tempo to that of the PGA Tour Pros with the internationally acclaimed Tour Tempo Tones is a way to instantly improve your golf swing. The first thing you need to do is find the current tempo ratio of your swing. The Tour Tempo Frame Counter App is the easiest and quickest way to do that, because it allows you to view and count sport action video, specifically the golf swing, by advancing the video one frame at a time. Once you have the tempo ratio of your swing, you then can compare it to the tempo ratio of your favorite PGA Tour Pro.

Latest Testimonials


Thanks for your positive feedback and your help thus far. I am excited! Was not sure of my progress. Distance was coming up a bit, maybe 10yds in the last month. Granted it’s getting a lot warmer. My Red SSR has been reading 105-108; then a few days ago I had a session where I saw a jump to 113-115mph..

Last night I played men’s league and had some CAREER drives, several 300-320, (here in CO, at 4600ft). Nearly all were in fairway. Until last month drives were in 270-280 range.

Not only that— I shot a career best 30 (-6) for 9 holes. Four birdies, thanks to shorter irons/wedges off of the longer drives. And a chip in for eagle—from next to green on a par five, on a hole I usually can’t reach in two..!

Just shows me what I suspected, that if I can gain ~20yds+ consistently it will help my scores a LOT. Already has. Needless to say we won our match..



Joel uses the following tools: SpeedBall / FacePlates / Power Whip / Lag Popper

Here is Fantastic Testimonial via email, and you can see my response:

My swing speed as measured during a driver fitting 3 weeks ago was 100 – 101mph. That’s consistent with what I see on my swing speed radar.

I’ve been using the SpeedBall Kit intermittently (at best) due to some hand, back and knee pains. During the last three weeks my SSR speeds on my driver swing have jumped to 104mph… then 107mph… then 109mph… yesterday I started to hit 110, and then at lunchtime today I saw 111! Twice!!!

What on EARTH??!!



So you are a classic case of SAID with a little freedom mixed in…. Here’s the answer: Specific Adaptation to Increased Demand- your body/brain faced an Increased Demand (Speedball Impact Target) and then it’s smart, so it recruits more (muscle/muscle fires) because it ADAPTS to the Demand…. Then we add in the FREEDOM of not having to hit a tiny white ball, the 2 together are MAGICAL! What’s cool is that 110 will be the new normal and you also figure out quickly how to add that speed to a real ball.

Send me video if you have any questions!!

Next day I got this email with funny pic:

Crazy thing is this isn’t the end…. It has me swinging on a different path somehow that is way more balanced than previously, but I know there’s much more room for improvement. It has also completely eliminated my ‘wipe’ with the driver, where I hit these high, spinny cuts.

The SAID thing makes complete sense… there’s something about having to recruit the force to smash ‘through’ something that changes my whole approach to hitting a ball with a driver.

I forgot to add that I had my longest drive on a par 5 on my local course… though it was only the longest for a week as I followed that up with my longest drive EVER. 9 iron for a second shot into a par 5? What??

Oh, and FYI I used another training device extensively last year. I even went to their seminar in the fall. I gained a max of 5mph, but it came with a lot of niggling injuries, and I lost almost all of those gains this year.

I’m relatively short (5’ 9”), and about to turn 44, with two herniated discs in my history. I can’t believe how far I’m hitting the ball or how easy it feels!

I forgot to snap a 111, but I did take a pic of a 110 at the end of the session. Indoor tee attached to a woodworking clamp? Yes, I’m goofy.

Many thanks to you, John! What an amazing invention!!



With 36 years of competitive amateur and professional golf, working with John and performing his drills was the most fun I’ve ever had with an instructor. With little or no more added effort I went from 255 to a 293 carry just after seven swings, and that was the real fun!His approach brought out the athleticism in my golf swing.

Paul N – 51 yr. old STL Golfer

To Tour Tempo;

Thank you!!!. Of course it is still a work in progress, but I can say with confidence that the 21/7 (at least the attempt to get to that tempo) has helped my game. The thing I’ve learned is that I have been tentative and too “controlling” of my swings. As long as I swing to the beats it assures aggressive swings. The most surprising part: PUTTING. The beats have basically straightened out my stroke. It’s amazing. And my long swing misses are not bad at all.

I couldn’t be happier. Again, THANK YOU!


Hey I just wanted to thank you John personally for your amazing product the ”SpeedBall”. I have been using it for about a month now and my results speaks for themselves. I was around 114 for my best club head speed. To touch 127 is crazy for me! Honestly I think there is some more in the tank. Watch out 130!
Thanks John!


Training Tools

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Blog Posts

RECODE for POWER Video Series by John Novosel Jr.

Introduction: Shoulder Turn / Creating Width

Thoracic Rotation aka Shoulder Turn plus creating width in the backswing (using a simple band)



Ben Hogan once said, “Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.”

I’ve discovered over the years that most (basically all) golfers have the same types of faulty movement patterns (Hogan was right). I would show the golfer the correct pattern and then they would do it. Problem Solved, right? Wrong! Even when I showed the golfer what to do and how to do it, and even when the golfer did the right movement in the drill, they would still go back to their old movement over a ball. I realized that I had to do more than just get the correct muscles to fire, I had to ‘LIGHT those MUSCLES UP’ with some type of resistance or external force to overcome. I call this RECODING.

Optimizing your swing – and in the process reap more distance and accuracy – requires you to Recode your Motor Patterns. When I did this with my students, changes would finally take place OVER THE BALL (that’s important:)

If you have questions about the Drills, please contact us. You can also send me a video of you performing a particular Drill and I will provide you feedback.

Tools Needed: You don’t need training aids for this series. You do need a medicine ball (or ball of some type such as a basketball) and some type of band that you can hook to a door or cable machine.

**Safety Notes** Consult your physical practitioner before starting any exercise program. Make sure you are using a new/secure band. You do not want the band breaking and/or coming loose. When throwing medicine balls, make sure you are in a safe environment (eg., ensure the ball won’t bounce and hit you in the face; also I’m not a fan of catching medicine balls off of a wall, just let it land).


“If you are serious about gaining speed and working on your turn this is a MUST. I picked up 10 mph in total club head speed and carrying it 25 yards farther. Can’t wait for the impact series.” —J.L.

“Wow John, this is fantastic! Gave me a lot of different feels and a great training/warm up program.” J.P.

“Went through my session this morning, and then some tempo work tonight on 21/7. Recorded 98 mph with the 5 iron on the SSR. A personal best. I definitely feel more mobile.” S.O.


  1. Shoulder Turn / Creating Width
  2. Med Ball Turns
  3. Med Ball Band Squeezes
  4. Med Ball Power
  5. Width and Landing A
  6. Width and Landing B
  7. Lead Leg Hip Opening
  8. Med Ball Fascial Hip Load
  9. Bonus
  10. Split Stance Hip Load
  11. Club Across Chest T-Spine / Tilt
  12. Arms in the Air
  13. Lead Wrist Radial Deviation
  14. Bombs
  15. Lat Coil / Spinal Engine
  16. Hand Path
  17. Transverse Abduction for Power
  18. IR Hip Flips
  19. Lat Coil Rotation
  20. Mace Ball Pendulum
  21. Med Ball March
  22. Med Ball March X Factor

Sample Videos:

Introduction: Shoulder Turn / Creating Width
Thoracic Rotation aka Shoulder Turn plus creating width in the backswing (using a simple band)

Width and Landing A
Width and Landing with Band on Shoulder

Split Stance Hip Load

IR Hip Flips


Which medicine ball/band should I use?

For men, a 8 to 10 pound ball will be fine, don’t want it too bouncy and also needs to be ‘squeezable’. For women 4 to 6 pounds would be fine. The resistance bands should be ‘light to medium’ meaning you don’t have to strain with all your might to move them.

Where can I order these products?

If you need bands and/or a medicine ball here are my suggestions.

For Bands:

I use the Gray Cook Level 3, 4 or 6

and for around the body I use the first place super bands, 1/2 thru 1.5 depending on your size strength.

For Medicine Ball:

6 to 12 lb depending on size/strength.

How often should I be RECODING?

You can do these drills 1x per week, 3x per week or every day. Most of my students (PGA tour pros and amateurs) find 4-5x per week optimal. But you WILL see results doing them 1x per week for 10 minutes.

Will these drills help an aging golfer?

Absolutely! These drills apply to all golfers but will especially help an aging golfer who is losing the ability to load due to restrictions in movement.



@joemillerldc unleashing 😳😳150+ mph on a tour tempo speedball.

He’s using the older model target and it’s amazing it can go toe to toe with Joe!!!

The SB is a great way to train and get resistance (safely) at impact and not worry about a ball!

18/6 or 21/7??? ...