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Tour Tempo Total Game

Used by beginners through Major Championship winners on the PGA Tour and validated by an Independent Scientific Study by the Departments of Physics and Biomechanics at Yale University.

The Total Game App allows you to learn how to correctly integrate the Tempo of the Tour Pros into your golf swing. Over 100,000 golfers worldwide, including Major Championship winners on the PGA Tour, have improved their games by using Tour Tempo.


Tour Tempo Frame Counter

It’s a proven fact that matching your tempo to that of the PGA Tour Pros with the internationally acclaimed Tour Tempo Tones is a way to instantly improve your golf swing. The first thing you need to do is find the current tempo ratio of your swing. The Tour Tempo Frame Counter App is the easiest and quickest way to do that, because it allows you to view and count sport action video, specifically the golf swing, by advancing the video one frame at a time. Once you have the tempo ratio of your swing, you then can compare it to the tempo ratio of your favorite PGA Tour Pro.

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Thanks for your positive feedback and your help thus far. I am excited! Was not sure of my progress. Distance was coming up a bit, maybe 10yds in the last month. Granted it’s getting a lot warmer. My Red SSR has been reading 105-108; then a few days ago I had a session where I saw a jump to 113-115mph..

Last night I played men’s league and had some CAREER drives, several 300-320, (here in CO, at 4600ft). Nearly all were in fairway. Until last month drives were in 270-280 range.

Not only that— I shot a career best 30 (-6) for 9 holes. Four birdies, thanks to shorter irons/wedges off of the longer drives. And a chip in for eagle—from next to green on a par five, on a hole I usually can’t reach in two..!

Just shows me what I suspected, that if I can gain ~20yds+ consistently it will help my scores a LOT. Already has. Needless to say we won our match..



Joel uses the following tools: SpeedBall / FacePlates / Power Whip / Lag Popper

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Quiz time: 1. what tones am I using (24/8 etc) ? 2. Did I sync the tones? 3. What am I doing with my waggle? First three correct answers will get a free download to our tour tempo tracks!!👊 ...